How To Decide On Your Colocation Service Provider

How To Decide On Your Colocation Service Provider

How To Decide On Your Colocation Service Provider

By Admin . 11 November, 2019 . Co-location

In order to keep up in this changing world, a business needs to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. More and more, businesses are turning to colocation providers to help them manage their networking and storage needs.

Reliable performances, peace of mind, centralization of data and cost savings are the most common reasons why more businesses are choosing for a colocation provider. Opting for a colocation service can be a difficult decision, after all, your mission-critical infrastructure will be housed within someone else’s facility. Before choosing on a colocation service provider, there are many criteria to be considered.

We are sharing a few essentials for businesses to consider before deciding on a colocation service provider.

Location will be one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a data center. A business can either opt for an off-shore location or a datacenter located nearby depending on the business requirements. An important factor to consider is the stability of the weather and the likelihood of weather conditions such as hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and more.

Reliability is everything
A reliable provider should be able to claim ‘five nines,’ meaning they are reliable at least 99.999% of the time.

Financial Stability
Verify the financial stability of a vendor before moving your data into a datacenter. There’s no point in taking space at a datacenter that will be closed in a few years because of financial issues. Investing in a datacenter is a long term process and involves a lot of time and cost. Which is why it’s better to opt for a reputed colocation provider who can support you for a long time.

The physical security of the data facility should be thoroughly analyzed so that no unauthorized personnel can access your collocated equipment.